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"Miss Araminta owns a curio shop in the heart of Spitalfields in London back in the 1880's, not long before Jack and his bloody knife stalk the nearby streets. That is not strictly true, but how shall we explain: Miss Araminta's darkened showroom houses such oddities that the world outside those grimey window panes is only of passing interest to her. Perhaps it's the 1960's out there, (Miss Araminta smiles wryly to herself at the thought of Free Love, everything has it's price after all) or if she were to step outside right now would bombs whizz down from the sky, little other than her shop untouched by the carnage of the Blitz?

Maybe, just maybe, Miss Araminta and her little shop - and all the strange things in it - aren't really rooted in time at all."

Cult of Doll aims to be a unique collaborative project bringing together original One of a kind doll and figurative artists whose creations have a story to tell. The creations of these artists all inhabit a world of their imagination and the Biannual Cult of Doll Almanac will be a showcase for those wonderful concoctions. The world of Miss Araminta's Curiosity Shop ties all the stories together, with each artist being given an item from her shop as a starting point for their own unique story. Those stories can take place anywhere and anywhen and need have no relationship to the Curiosity shop at all.

 As a member of this group each artist commits to creating one original work every two years which will debut to the public in a bi-annual online publication called the Cult of Doll Almanac. The aim of the Almanac is to promote the featured doll artists work and create an "online event" around it's publication which will attract new followers.

Each member will be given an object from the shop to create a unifying theme, members can then use, abuse and subvert it as the basis for their unique creation. Each doll/creation the artist contributes to the project must be accompanied by a story, poem, song or other written content, however short, long, involved, abstract, odd, nonsensical, macabre, witty, woeful, chirpy... whatever takes your fancy, as long as it somehow (however tenuously) relates to the given object.

Participating members can keep their work secret or communicate with other COD members while work is in progress, but we ask that you do not blog or otherwise promote your actual contribution until the Almanac is ready for publication. This way the Cult of Doll Almanac will become a genuine event.

Membership of Cult of Doll is moderated so that the publication features a strong and diverse collection of artists whose work all contributes something unique and exciting to the project. Ideally we would include work by new artists alongside more established names.

Other than that, the only obligation of membership is to feature a Cult of Doll badge/logo on their blog/FB, or wherever they promote their work, to raise awareness of this project. Members who also have an etsy shop can join the Etsy Cult of Doll team to cross promote each other's shops and so raise awareness of Cult of Doll again.

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